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Excerpt from my eBook… ‘Porters under the Daystar’

Speak the Tongue

As Christians, how can we know when to keep silent… to shut our mouth that is? According to scripture our conversation should be, when questioned, Yes, Yes… or No, No… much more than this contributes to the evil thereof… sufficient for the day are troubles enough!

We are a mean and hateful people… and I ask you Jesus… Who wants to be around us? Lest also… even become a Christian because of what we are… poor examples of being Christ’s servants! Again we are not good examples without love in our heart, for without love we live our lives in vain! How should we be as followers of Jesus working daily upon our salvation toward perfection by faith in Him? What can we do as hirelings of the Kingdom of God? For hirelings care not for the sheep because we are hirelings and not shepherds! And being not… even the shepherds of the five fold ministry (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers…) will have to answer to God in judgment written in Jeremiah 23…

No one is perfect but Jesus who wants to teach us the way in Truth! And what is Truth? The Truth is the Truth… and not an enemy to his neighbor nor enemy of the Kingdom of God sowing discord among the brethren.

By whose authority were you sent? Not by man…! For the gospel of the kingdom is not of man and neither can be. The gospel is of God who gives liberally to all the words and teachings of eternal life in Jesus. Search the scriptures… for in them you think you have eternal life and they are those who testify of Jesus!

Shall the prayer of faith crack your outer shell with your inhibitions released to give you freedom to do what God has called of you? You already know your destination… you found out shortly after you were saved by Jesus Christ the Lord years ago. How much more time do you need to get motivated on what He has said to you? Take the first step toward the accomplishment of that promise. And what is that first step? A prayer to Jehovah God for your family and friends… and everyone those with whom you hope to share Jesus with! The Kingdom of Heaven is the kingdom of expansion… and as you Praise God more and more each day, your vision and understanding will expand also, making you rich in the Spirit! Someday soon your vision will excite you so much that you will overcome your inhibitions and burn your bridges behind you that have held you down for so long. It all started with a simple prayer of faith to Jesus for your friends and neighbors and now has released His Word upon the Kingdom with boldness in Truth! For the violent, by faith, take the kingdom by storm! Amen.

Excerpts from my eBook… ‘The Crown of Life’

Set the Seal…

Those who help need work because things happen when they are around. Life will be airborne soon to the point of no return. We are mere mortals… survivors of circumstance upon this the planet Earth. Once you cross the line, there is no going back unless the grace of GOD is with you. Make eternity secure for us, O God… secure our lives that we may see life. We are sojourners in these Earthly bodies among mountain plateaus in mid-heaven where meadows are focused upon in admiration of God’s beauty. Do you smell the flowers? Do you hear the thunder of atmospheres prevalent in your presence? We are here for you… to help you find your way… we being the covenant angels of the testimony for Jesus of Nazareth.

Stepping outside of yourself your spirit leaves trails of previous moments… the hand of GOD is upon your life. Protect… O GOD… from heaven above and touch your servants with the Word you are… Take away our fear of the unknown… for it is revealed in our eyes, that is… the toil and tribulations of lies lived! Call upon Jesus to deliver you!

Jesus is the Son of GOD…He being the expression of our complete fulfilled life… in our spirit we are quite a few people gathered together… witnesses of the Covenant and Testimony of Jehovah. We start with nothing… the void and emptiness… the loss of hope in ourselves for the future! Where do we turn? To Jesus! Who do we talk to? To the Father! How shall we love? I can only say one thing… Life is so complex in such a way that we don’t have the time we need for loving our Father… Jehovah GOD.

The poor in spirit are the seekers of the Kingdom! O ministry of Jesus around the world, look to the harvest fields all ready for reaping. Look upon your servants, Lord GOD, for you know the heart of man and what motivates him. Look at the gathering of lost souls in Hell… for Jesus said of Himself… ‘If I be lifted up from the Earth I will draw all men unto me…’ (John 12: 32 KJV). Yes, come Lord Jesus… set your seal over the nations and reap a holy contrite people who are hungry for you! Amen.

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