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Excerpts from my eBook titled… ‘Covered by the Blood’

The Pilot Light along the Meridian Coast

Camping out at the shore on the southeastern Chesapeake Bay coastline beach gives a person a sense of solitude and time to commune with the Lord on his own in this the autumn season of the closing year. Seashore State Park near Cape Henry, Virginia, never ceases to give its camping guests nostalgic memories of a youthful time with friends to be captured and then remembered later in life. There is no longer any brushwood on the beach to use for evening campfires. A group would have to bring in their own camping firewood. One thing will never cease although, that being the overhead starlight on clear cool autumn nights and often full moon to give illumination to the campsites spaces and dark pathways close by.

Must we walk in darkness? This is my feeling I have at this moment. The scenic memory I remember here taught me to seek, search, and find under the full moon, that perfect light shinning upon the beach pathways among the dunes and sand fences. The comparison between the orb moonlight brightness and the guiding light of Jesus is sensed by my spirit for He is the light for me to follow even here in the dark wilderness of campsites and fires close by on the bay shores. Yes, He guides our walk in which we make many mistakes for Jesus is the secure pilot light among the sands and brushwood pathways for the uncertain course of life we take. Stay close to Him. How do you do that, you ask? My answer is the only one I know… By talking to Him!

Put your trust in Jesus of Nazareth even when the road is bleak and dark. This is difficult to do when stress mounts up caused by voices in the world. Why does GOD want us to dwell in limbo with worries when it comes to Him answering our prayers? I think He is trying to help us develop an overcoming positive belief without doubt in His Words and what He has said will be. For without faith it is impossible to please GOD. Will the days be stretched too far and wide for our faith to survive without being choked? I think this is why He gave us the gift of tongues to speak forth to Him in the strength of the Spirit with words we don’t understand that the road we walk will be the simple plain pathway that He guides us in.

With all words and languages in the Spirit, I pray you, trust in GOD!

Excerpts from my eBook… ‘Presence of the Lord’

Bliss in Heaven

There is an eternal walk amongst the gusty winds of the day. Overhead the sea gulls cry out to their maker here along the Atlantic shoreline.

I look up to heaven… I look out over the ocean… I look for the reality of my life that I seek to know with you, O God of creation. Where is a persons’ hope destined toward? For I am one among them caught up in the prison of my mind. O God when will the breakthrough from heaven manifest itself in my life? You’re the only one who can help me! Deliver me, O God, from the bondage of Satan and sin which attaches itself so easily to me. I want to walk among the golden streets in the City of our God, Jehovah Israel One and Jesus.

As it is, I stand in vast fields and meadows of green grass and colorful flowers in your domain outside the city walls and twelve foundations built upon the names of the twelve Apostles. Yes… this is paradise, Lord… for there is clear vision here in the house of God in the sight of confident eyes in love with your presence, for nothing unholy shall dwell here.

We gather together in the name of Jesus in your presence, O Lord, with palm branches in our hands and uplifted voices with garments of praise upon our spiritual bodies… for we are here to praise and worship with great rejoicing for your Son Jesus, O Jehovah. Can we walk with you Jesus? Was your Father ever lonely, Lord? I can see reality here in heaven… that is… we were created for your purpose for you are the connection link between Earth, sky, man, heaven, and your Father Jehovah thru your shed blood. Stay with us, Lord, and visit for awhile.

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