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Excerpt from my eBook… ‘Faithworks’

Winter Solitude

The winter morning at dawn was cold and crisp. The air is clean in the cold winter breezes. As the sun was coming up over the horizon, a dog was barking in the distance down the street from my home. Overnight the winds had been fuller, howling and cutting corners between the corridors of the neighborhood houses.

It is my routine to walk each morning at daybreak. In doing so, I can hear and feel the ice cracking beneath my feet. The snowstorm of a few days earlier had left ice in the neighborhood which had not thawed out completely under the daytime sun.

There was silence now with a picturesque scene of snow and ice on the streets and resident home yards. The winter sun had a unique brightness with a seasonal slant in the shift of the arctic air. The clouds in the morning sky were high overhead. As the sun peeked over the horizon, its rays of light captured the gray linings of the scattered snow clouds. I was taken by all of this and sat down and wondered… how did God create such a beautiful wonder in nature?

I wonder if you have ever taken nature into account… for the Earth is the Lords’ and the fullness of creation thereof. So often throughout my life, I have taken God’s Word for granted not acknowledging His creative touch in all things. I suppose it is because I was born here and grew up in a world of routine circumstances not really thinking about God and what He has done on the Earth. But now, God has shown me His world under new circumstances, such as corrected spiritual eyesight, where I was practically handicapped and without Jesus. The first thing I noticed with my corrected vision was the branches of my family tree, in the spring season of year 1977. My family stood out in my mind as people I had never noticed before. I wondered why I never experienced this… not knowing that we were poor without God. It just never occurred to me that I was somewhat handicapped with limited spiritual vision without Jesus. Over time, God has worked with me to perfect my nature and correct my mislead quest for survival of the fittest. It does not have to be this way, I can see… for He will work with you in perfecting your life. Life changes in nature, but God does not. He is our secure Father in the structure of creation on Earth whereby He is our sure Foundation Stone in life.

Excerpt from my eBook… ‘The Lord Loveth…’

The Spirit of Jesus

Jesus is as a man who has left home and country on a distant far journey and left His servants in charge… each man to his own task and left the porter to watch until His return.

Jesus said Himself that He would not talk much more with us hereafter until the Father restored the Kingdom. Who in Jesus’ name is answering our prayers going before the Throne of GOD? The Holy Spirit living in man on Earth is the answer to me.

For this reason, is this why the Catholics pray to the Saints of Jesus and wear medallions of the angels? Why don’t the people deal directly with Jesus themselves? Are the priests of that Church teaching the people out of their own ignorance? For it seems to me that ritual Christians who are not baptized born-again believers fear the name of Jesus as if He were going to destroy their lives… Jesus is GOD to whom we devote our lives to… why can’t we trust Him to watch and take care of us?

The Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost often referred to, is the Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself living in men. It is this same Holy Ghost living in us that answers our prayers from on high… Jesus’ Spirit living in you… for the Kingdom of GOD is within us!

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